New album: Christmas Classics

Tired of the usual Christmas recordings? This is my latest album, with traditional Christmas music in 12 arrangements for piano and orchestra. Available on Spotify now! The songs are a mixture of international and local Swedish melodies. I will describe each song… Read More »

Johan Åhlén

New release: Athina Marianne

New album released. This album is named after my niece, Athina Marianne, who was born in January this year. Marianne is also the name of my mother, who passed away 2009. I dedicate this album to my niece and the memory of… Read More »

Johan Åhlén

New release: Zorba’s Dance (from Zorba the Greek)

The world famous Zorba the Greek soundtrack was written by Mikis Theodorakis for the British-Greek drama film Zorba the Greek, that was released 1964. The music was based on two Cretan songs: “Armenohorianos Syrtos” and “Kritiko syrtaki” who where composed by Giorgis Koutsourelis. Many recordings of Zorba’s Dance has been done since… Read More »

Johan Åhlén

My first album has been launched

I have now launched my first album, including 12 top piano classics. The album is available on Spotify, Google Play, and other large music resellers. Read more on my Facebook page.

Johan Åhlén Challenge 2012

The national Swedish SQL Server developer championship was arranged or the third time in 2012. I was both the author of the competition problem as well as main responsible for running the competition that year. The competition problem 2012 was based on… Read More »

Johan Åhlén

Laughter and tears – part 2

The night of Friday, March 28, 2014. I am alone with the children since E, my wife, is travelling.  Not something she does often, I must add. Approximately 01.00 I’m awakened by LL, my daughter, who’s desperately looking for mum. Nothing I… Read More »

Johan Åhlén