5-year anniversary on Spotify

By | September 12, 2020

It is soon time for me to celebrate 5 years since my first launch on Spotify!

One fun thing about Spotify is the statistics available for artists. There I can now see that I have had over 1 million streams and how the amount of streams has been varying over time.

I was somewhat surprised of the gender statistics among my listeners. I didn’t expect that men were listening more to classical piano music than women. I’d rather guessed the opposite.

Also the age distribution among my listeners was a surprise. My largest amount of listeners are in the 18-22 age range. This is exciting and shows that classical music is far from dead among younger generations. There is hope for the future!

Also before launching my first recordings on Spotify, I had no clue about which geographical spread I would reach. Now I can see there is a pretty large geographical spread among the top cities of my listeners.

No doubt these 5 years on Spotify has given me many positive and fun surprises!