Easily manage your NoSQL Azure databases with Azure Storage Explorer

By | March 14, 2018

Azure Storage Explorer is a free tool that enables you to easily access your Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Data Lake or Azure Storage data. If you have worked with relational databases, for example SQL Server, you know the importance of a tool like SQL Server Management Studio. However, Management Studio works only with SQL databases. So Azure Storage Explorer is “the Management Studio” for the NoSQL databases in Azure.

Azure Storage Explorer

Note that Azure Storage Explorer works with both hosted (Azure or Azure Stack) and local databases (such as the Azure Cosmos DB Emulator). This is different than for example the Azure Cosmos DB Data Explorer, which only works with hosted databases. Also Azure Storage Explorer has the advantage that you have a single tool for managing all your databases.

If you work with Azure Cosmos DB or any other NoSQLAzure databases, I can definitely recommend taking a look at Azure Storage Explorer.