Build Your First Planet-Scale App With Azure Cosmos DB

By | March 13, 2018

My article, Build Your First Planet-Scale App With Azure Cosmos DB, has now been published on the Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog:

Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s distributed, multi-model cloud database service for managing data at planet-scale. It started in 2010 as “Project Florence,” to address developer pain-points that were faced by large Internet-scale applications inside Microsoft. In 2015, the first API was made available externally in the form of Azure DocumentDB. Finally, Azure Cosmos DB was launched in May 2017 and was recently honored in InfoWorld’s 2018 Technology of the Year Awards.

This article will give you an introduction to Azure Cosmos DB and then take you through a sample scenario of building a globally scalable web application using Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Traffic Manager – called project Planetzine.

In addition to this article, you can also find the source code for my sample scenario, Planetzine, on GitHub.

Happy reading!