Can you think outside of the box? Then this game, Boxen, is for you!

By | March 16, 2016

Boxen is a very unusual computer game of logic that takes you on a journey through riddles, historical mysteries and secrets. To solve the challenges of Boxen you need problem solving skills, creativity and lateral thinking.

Ready for the challenge? Click here to go directly to the competition.

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What is Boxen?

With almost 200 000 attempts, the first “Boxen”, targeting only a Swedish audience, was a great success. Only about 10 persons have completed all 30 levels of old Boxen as of today.

Boxen is a very unusual game. Unlike other games, the clues to solve Boxen are hidden in unconventional places in the internet. Imagine having the whole internet as a playing ground for the game. You will have to literally “think outside of Boxen” to beat it.

Making a great puzzle is like creating great music. Anyone can create a very difficult music piece by just writing random notes. Only a very skilled composer can create a masterpiece where there is a musical purpose behind the difficult notes that make them worth every effort. Listen to Chopin’s Winter Wind, which is a very hard piece to play after the initial 20 seconds, any you’ll understand what I mean.

The challenges of Boxen should be worth every effort!


Boxen is free to play, and that’s the way I want to keep it, but I’m very grateful if you who enjoy the game will make a donation. The money goes to running the game and expanding it with more high quality levels and surprises. That’s why I have started a Kickstarter campaign for crowdfunding. Click on the image below for a quick introduction video.

Hall of Fame

The persons who were fastest to complete the first “Boxen” were: Joel Eriksson (1st place), Henrik Lindström (2nd place), Mikael Regnell (3rd place).

Now you have the chance to join this Hall of Fame if you are one of the first to complete the Boxen-challenges on Kickstarter.


Here are some hints to get you started on Boxen!

  • Start with the cipher on the Kickstarter campaign page. It has a masonic background. By using a search engine you should be able to find some advice on how to decipher.
  • A little later the game asks for a certain zone. Check the letters – maybe it helps if you rearrange the order of them.
  • The words are generally case insensitive (it doesn’t matter if you type in uppercase or not).
  • It doesn’t matter if you run Windows, Linux or Mac. You also don’t need any tools or software that costs money. However, you won’t be able to solve the game using only a mobile phone.
  • Check the Cicada 3301 for some more hints!
  • Also it’s a good idea to like the Boxen Facebook page so you get any updates from there.

Good luck!