PASS SQLRally Nordic 2015 sets new record and will be my last

By | March 1, 2015

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I’m very delighted to see that PASS SQLRally Nordic 2015 beats another new record. With over 550 participants from 25 different countries, it is the world’s largest SQLRally conference ever again.

Almost five years ago, some people had the crazy idea of arranging a viking-themed world class SQL Server / Business Intelligence conference in the cold and sparsely populated corner of the World: Sweden. It’s almost as crazy as Sweden’s efforts to host the Summer Olympic games, which Sweden hosted last time 1912 (except for the equestrian games which was held in Sweden 1956).

There are countless number of SQL Server databases in the world. The demand for SQL Server competence is huge, since millions of important applications are dependent on well-designed and well-managed SQL Server databases. SQL Server is also one of the most popular platforms in the world for building data warehouses and Business Intelligence solutions. By learning SQL Server you have fantastic job opportunities!

But how can you learn more about SQL Server when you probably already are very busy with your job? You should take the opportunity sometimes to get away from your daily duties and come back with new inspiration, new friends and new knowledge. What is then better than a really good conference?

Welcome to SQLRally

Year 2011, our crazy idea became reality: the world’s first PASS SQLRally conference outside of the US. We packed the conference center with almost 500 participants, fantastic speakers and had to close the registration one month before the event because it was fully booked! We had to cap the number of people because of fire insurance regulations (and placed some strong vikings to guard the entrance). Now our fourth PASS SQLRally Nordic is about to begin, at the Tivoli Congress Center in Copenhagne, Denmark. We have more visitors, speakers and stronger programme than ever!

This record year will unfortunately be the last PASS SQLRally Nordic that I’m involved in arranging, at least for now. Arranging a conference like this takes a lot of time, work and late nights. Unfortunately my family situation is getting more and more difficult because of my daughter having a very rare syndrome that affects us all very much. It is not possible for me to continue my involvement in PASS SQLRally and at the same time have enough time for my daughter. Therefore I have chosen to prioritize my family.

I want to personally thank Microsoft for having supported the idea from the very beginning. A very special thank you to: Mark Souza, Marcus Gullberg, Lars Bo Granath and Tommy Flink. Without your support the conference would never ever have been this successful. A really big thanks also to PASS: Craig Ellis, Lana Montgomery, Vicki Van Damme and Marcella McKeown. Your support has been invaluable. My colleague Raoul Illyés also deserve a big recognition for his key role in building up the conference and hard work to attract the very best speakers. Finally there are a large group of more people that deserver a big thanks, too many to list here. You know who you are!

Having said this, I’m really looking forward to PASS SQLRally Nordic 2015 next week and to see this conference continue beating new records in the future.

Finally, here are some photos from previous years that I wish to publish as nostalgy.

E-type på SQLRally

E-type at SQLRally


SQLRally vikings

Viking fight at SQLRally


SQLRally Johan Åhlén